About Us


African Post Magazine appreciates the beauty in Africa and features great influencers both intellectual and ordinary yet extraordinary people, inventors, excelling businesses, strikingly beautiful places, the unique culture, the political system, and great re-thinkers.

Africa has a young population with a fast-growing labor force, which is a highly valuable asset in an aging world. It is projected that in 2034, Africa is expected to have the world’s largest working-age population of 1.1 billion.

Putting a spotlight and celebrating the many successes of Africa and Africans will not only inspire and motivate the younger generations but encourage them to build their confidence to take up all the opportunities available.

Africans play remarkably role in shaping the world and it’s time to put a spotlight on such great achievements and celebrate the many successes that are overlooked.

Africa has a lot of positives to put on the global spotlight, a lot more to achieve and the need to take over the continent with the conviction that only Africans can shape the continent.