Many holidays flows through the calendar of the world. Major internationally holidays are celebrated globally like Christmas and Ramadan and minor holidays celebrated by people and selected few for lone countries.

In Africa, we hear of holidays that are celebrated like Independence Day that brings the president out to join the masses.

It is interesting to note that there’s a holiday called ‘Car Free Day’ which is a holiday that brings the President out to walk with the masses.

Kagame participates in car free-day
President Kagame participates in car free-day

On May 5th in Rwanda, the President, Paul Kagame exercised with his people.

This lead us to discover the Car Free Day which wasn’t only about packing cars at home and walking but it is a planned health routine scheduled for Rwandans.


It hasn’t always been like this in Rwanda until the city authorities of Kigali took into consideration the health of its people.

In a bid to promote healthy lifestyle for the residents the authorities introduced Car Free day where mass sports and various exercise routines are put into action.

Residents took to the street to participate from randomly walking distances to jogging, riding bicycles and health screenings.

Car Free day is observed bi monthly in the whole year in Rwanda.

Whilst we are admiring Rwanda for such an amazing plan for all to benefit, we are going to have to rethink on our health and how important it is for everyone to make exercising a must for good life.

The move is also to support green transport and green city.

This is a good initiative and perhaps all countries can adopt this healthy plan.

By Gifty Amoateng (African Post)

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