What everyone expects in the university when it comes to examination even in all levels of education is a good strict and well planned supervision.

People argue on the fact that university education shouldn’t really come with stricter examination rules.

In Ghana, University schools such as Cape coast University, University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and University of Developmental Studies hold the record for stricter examination rules.

The argument is that students can never be trusted to do exams without supervision. The norm is that, they will never be honest enough not to cheat or commit an examination mal- practice.

To this reason, Ashesi University in Ghana opposes these sets up rules and has set for the school the EXAMINATION HONOUR CODE.  

This code, which was approved in November 2007, allows selected classes to adopt the honour code and was voted into force by the students in 2008.

According to the university,

The code is intended to build a high-trust community, to put students in charge of their ethical posture and the reputation of their alma mater, and by so doing, to take a significant step in Ashesi’s mission to educate a new generation of ethical leaders in Africa”

The honour code aligns with the code of conduct allows students to take a pledge of honour to abide by the code of conduct. At the end of each test, the students are required to sign a statement to show implementation of the Honour Code.

It is clear that, instilling such discipline can stop corruption in Ghana as these students tend to take up leadership positions in the country and channel their personalities in all affairs.

For us we believe discipline, dignity, ethics and self respect, is what can shape the continent to where we want to see it.

Clearly Ashesi University is on the right path and other educational institutions can emulate.

By Gifty Amoateng- African Post

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