Coronavirus: Emirates Airline to suspend all passenger flights from March 25
Coronavirus: Emirates Airline to suspend all passenger flights from March 25
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Due to the coronavirus pandemic which has hindered many people across the globe form traveling, Emirates Airlines has made the difficult decision to suspend all passenger flights from March 25, 2020. Emirates Airlines has suspended a total of 111 routes out of a regular 159 destinations.

“Today we made the decision to temporarily suspend all passenger flights by 25 March 2020,” the airline said on Twitter. 

The United Arab Emirates has recorded the first two deaths relating to coronavirus on Friday. A total of 153 coronavirus cases have been confirmed of which 38 have recovered. According to The Ministry of Health and Prevention, an Arab national, 78, came from Europe, had a heart attack, “coinciding with complications” from the virus and the second patient, a 58-year-old Asian and resident of the UAE, had prior chronic illnesses, including heart disease and kidney failure, which “further complicated” abilities to fight the virus. 

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Apart from Emirates Airlines suspending flight routes, many other airlines across the globe have also suspended their flights to various destinations in a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

Many governments across the globe have also quarantine their citizens and regulated inbound and outbound flights creating a drastic reduction in flight frequency. 

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However, some airlines flying desperate passengers ensure high cleaning standards and hospital-grade air filtration systems. As the US Centres for Disease Control says, “the cabin air environment is not conducive to the spread of most infectious diseases”. Therefore the risk of catching a virus on an aircraft is significantly low. 

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Airlines are one of the most affected industries hit by the coronavirus pandemic although inflight transmissions haven’t been a feature of this outbreak. 

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