Egypt's coronavirus hotline receiving 20,000 calls a day
Egypt's coronavirus hotline receiving 20,000 calls a day
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The health ministry is also set to launch a new hotline for chronic disease patients with coronavirus queries

Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed said on Thursday that the coronavirus hotline launched by the ministry to connect with suspected coronavirus cases and to answer the inquiries has been receiving nearly 20,000 calls a day.

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In a meeting with the cabinet, Zayed added that the hotline’s capacity is being doubled in order to receive more calls.

She also said that another hotline would be launched for patients with chronic diseases and to provide psychological aid via psychologists.

According to the ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO), Egypt has 256 confirmed cases of the virus, including seven fatalities and 28 people who have fully recovered.

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The government has taken several precautionary steps to limit the spread of the virus, including suspending universities and schools, suspending international flights, shuttering sports activities and closing down malls and restaurants at night.

The ministry hotline can be reached in Egypt by dialing 105.


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