Forced sterilisation of women in South Africa exposed
Forced sterilisation of women in South Africa exposed
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Dozens of HIV-positive women in South Africa have been sterilised without their consent or were pressured to agree just before giving birth, an official inquiry has found.

State hospitals had violated the dignity of the women and “forced sterilisation subjects women to inhumane conditions and torture”, the Commission for Gender Equality said, when releasing its findings.

The commission, which is a statutory body, concluded a five-year investigation into 48 cases brought to its attention by two civil rights groups, Reuters news agency reports.

It found that doctors in some state hospitals had sterilised women about to have Caesareans, telling them that carriers of HIV should not have children and they risked death if they had another baby.

“In some instances, complainants were given the forms while they were in extreme labour pain and were told that they would not receive medical assistance until they had signed the forms,” the report said.

The commission added that it was difficult to conclude the investigation because patients files had “disappeared” from hospitals.


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