Since the introduction of pre-paid metres some years back, Ghanaians havehad to live with the nightmare wasting long hours in winding queues just to buy lectricity for their homes or workplace.

These queus becomes even worse at the end of the month when every vendor point of sale is drowned in a pool of users trying to get power to their homes.

Because of these queues children are usually sent on this errand after school, losing hours meant to be used to do homeworks and study.

Kane Mani  a technologist and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Origgin, a one of the leading tech companies in Ghana wondered why people have to go through this hussel to buy electricity.

A techbologist as he was, he sought  create a solution to remedy the situation. He has developed a software called E-prepaid  which allows users to buy electricity through their smartphones.

“I developed E-prepaid  because I got tired of the long queues and driving there. I said to myself I am a technologist, I should create a more convenient way to access power. Then I realized others had the same problem too so I rallied my team and we got to work.

The E-prpaid is expected to be launched this month and when its out, wasting hours in queues  and sleping in darknors because electricity vendorsare closed ill be buried in the past.

Kan Mani  droopd out of university to start his technology company, Origgin at agge 21. He has since created a lot of apps  apart from E-prepaid which includes Waakye locator, one of Ghana’s popular staple foods.

Kane Mani

Origgin started in 2010 from my university room with my co-founder

Waakye Locator as the first appl earlier this year and its doing well.

The inspiration started came from my love for technology and how I wanted to use technology to change the world.. Prior to starting Orrigin, had started companies that failed.

The first  was Mani Organizaton , apublishing company that publishes Mani Shoppers weekely and started at age 19

The second was CameraWorks an event company and one of the first which organized fb friends partys  it failed ..i was 20 den

Determined to build a business empire, he started Orrigin and promised himself nto build to become the biggest in the world and has nerver looked back at age 21.

“I must say I’m naturally very ambitious. I’m not satisfied with secondary. I have always wanted to be great. I wanted tomake an impact and leave my  mark on the world .I read books  by great achievers that sparked the genes in me

Origgin operfates 4 businesses namely, Origgen Technologies, Origgin Payements, Orrigin Education and Origgin Media. Our flagship business is Origgin Technologies that makes software solution for business and consumers

Some of our solutions are  are mobile aps such as waakye locator, E-Prepaid, Student and Mobile Taior. We have  products in insurance, health  insurance, paymentsand e-commerce

Currently working on digital tech education product to educate the technology and increase tech literacy. We’ve other apps that will be ready next year. Waakye locator helps users to find the best Waakye joins and share experience with friends.

E-prepaid  helps to buy ECGprepaid directly from your smartphone withut looking for a vendor or standing in long queues. Mobile Tailor allowa users to request for  a dress which is sewn per your style  and matrial and delivered under 24 hours. No need for tailors to disappoint any more

Student  allows students to save part of their cash they get in school in theapp.its then invested to solve where students misuse money. E-Prpaid comes out in July and works with smart metres. It doesn’t work with metres that still use card. First you have to enter your metre number, the amount u are buying and pay with mobile money, VIsA or Master Card.

I did the eprepaid  because I git tired of the queue  and driving there. I said im a technologist, I should create a more convenient way. Then I realised others had the same problem too so irallied my team and we got to work

Waakye locator launchd feb this yra

Educational background


Attended NAFTI and dropped ut after first year to focusfull time building Origgin 29 year old

Our usiness was doig well so we both quit school drped out. Immeddiately we dropped, things went bad so my cofounder left for school and other employees left so I was the only personleft.

Parents disagree

At that time my parent who ddnt agree with me to dropping out said  I should either stay in school and be at home or drop out.

Because I didn’t want to go back in school and also saty home to hear my parents talk plenty, I moved out and was homeless for a year till Origgin started  picking up in 2013. During that period, I perched with friends, slept at cafes, barefloors. Each time night was falling , I dreaded. I owed a lot of money because  I  wasn’t making money.

I had  to borrow to live . I borrowed so much that no one wanted to pick my calls. Accroding to them  I was a waste  pushing a dream  that can nevre be realised. My girlfriend left me. All I had was God, steve jobs autobiography and  abroken laptop, my dreams and ambition.

This changed for the better in mid 2013. He hopes to build a 100 billion dollars company,listed on newyork stock exchange. A tea of 14 members hoping to increase team Raised over $100 m founding fom a local investor to expand perations. He also worked for  MTN, IPMC, Mecganical Loyd , Univrsity of Ghana , EastWood Anaba

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