The body of a child stowaway found in the undercarriage of an Air France airplane was that of a 15-year-old Ivorian Coast boy, the country’s Transport Ministry announced.

The government identified the teen as Any Guibahi Laurent Bathelemy, of Yopougon.

“His identity was confirmed by his parents,” the ministry said Friday.

Workers at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport discovered Any’s body on a Tuesday long-haul flight that originated from Abidjan. They believe he died from either extreme cold or asphyxiation.

Transport Minister Amadou Koné said CCTV footage showed that the boy gained access to the plane’s undercarriage by gripping the landing gear as the plane prepared to take off.

The government said it’s conducting an investigation to determine how Any gained access to the plane.

“The government reassures the users and operators of Abidjan airport that the circumstances of this tragedy are not such as to call into question the important results obtained and which led to the safety and security certifications of the airport of Abidjan,” Koné said.



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