Uber drivers in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi have gone on strike because of what they describe as low wages and poor working conditions.

In a statement, Uber said they are putting in place mechanisms to address the concerns of the drivers.

One driver explained to the BBC that while he receives $40 (£32) from passengers every day – 25% of which was paid to Uber as a commission. He added that after paying for the cost of fuel, internet, car wash/service and insurance he is left with nothing.

Another said that some colleagues have taken their own lives because of the pressures they are under.

Some of the drivers said, Uber paid well when they first started operating in the country but they have since lowered their commissions to drivers making their lives unbearable.

They said the poor conditions of the drivers had resulted in the death of five of their colleagues this year.

Despite the strike, some Uber drivers were still operating.


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