Meet 6 handsome Rwandan musicians giving Kenyan women sleepless nights
Meet 6 handsome Rwandan musicians giving Kenyan women sleepless nights
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Rwandan men are slowly winning Kenyan women’s attention with their looks and stature. These six top musicians have won a soft spot in Kenyan women’s hearts and they are always drooling because of their photos.

1. Meddy Meddy was born in 1989 in the beautiful land of Burundi but has been making headlines with his music in Rwanda. He is known for two of his great hits, Holy Spirit, released in 2013 and Slowly released in 2017.

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2. KhaL KAYI

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Andy Bumuntu is another Rwandeese singer whose great looks are confusing women. The tall gentleman is not only handsome but his vocals will drag a snake out of its hiding place.

Kayi is known for his great music and among them is his great song, Fenty.

3. The Ben

He has been a great icon in the music industry and his collaboration in the Kenyan music industry is a plus for him. The Ben has great features that for sure will leave any woman drooling over this handsome man. In one of his great works, the young lad has featured Kenya’s finest, Otile Brown, in the jam Can’t Get Enough.

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4. Alpha Alpha

He is not new to Kenyans as he has been in the biggest music competitions organised and held in Kenya. Alpha Rwirangira was a winner of Tusker Project Fame episode three where he showcased his talent. The young lad is known for his hit songs Yes, Deep and Question.

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5. Ruhumuriza James

James is a Rwandan afrobeat and R&B singer who has created a brand for himself. The singer is known for his energetic and entertaining live performances.

He has a skin colour that is a tick for most Kenyan women and for sure his looks are just superb. James is known for his great songs Most and Accept it or Neglect it.

6. Kizito Mihingo

He is a Rwandan gospel singer born and raised in the country. Mihingo is also a TV presenter who survived the genocide that affected his country.

His looks are great and very attractive starting from the way he trims his beards. Mihingo is known for his great songs which are done in his vernacular language among them, Kumusaraba, and Vive Le Pardon.


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