Salute to the young African youth and congratulations on their achievement.
We know that the major polluting forces of the world are the US military and the fossil fuel industry.
Today, 300 million tons of plastic waste is said to be generated every year, that’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire population.

The team mentor, Richard Ring, said that the robot can be used to clean the Nile of plastic pollution.

Adau, one of the team members, said that innovative technology “brings people together”

The team, South Sudan Robotic was established in Feb 2017 by Team Manager Kuc Mayur Kuc and Mentor Richard Ring Kuach, with an enthusiasm to move and urge South Sudan youth to embrace and study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and enable them to develop their talent and innovation to think in solving real-world problems in the areas of agriculture, energy and more.

On 9 July 2011, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan – an outcome of a 2005 agreement that ended Africa’s longest-running civil war.

Source: Blackhammerorg


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