Values indeed influence our thinking, moral judgment, and our response to issues and others.

Here is a motivational story shared by Peace Hyde, British Ghanaian media entrepreneur and motivational speaker, founder of Aim Higher Africa, a not for profit improving the quality of education in impoverished communities across Africa.

According to Peace, she used to ‘dress to kill’; a cliché that nearly caught up with most ladies that desire to dress to impress.

Nevertheless, her life transformed from the day her mother asked her who she was dressing to kill and if dressing ever killed anyone. Her mother proposed she save money to commence business instead of playing with her life.

According to peace, she felt her mother’s advice in her chest and that was one of the best. 

Today, she is one of the most successful media personalities in Africa. In 2018, she was shortlisted among 200 leaders as part of the Obama Foundation Africa Leaders program and in 2019, was awarded the African Social Impact award at the House of Parliament, House of Commons in the UK.

She is also the Head of digital media and partnerships and West African correspondent for leading business magazine Forbes Africa.

Indeed, this is a masterpiece of advice for grabs. It is more commendable to focus on personal growth than impressing others.

Renate Dzodzomenyo – African Post


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