Valentine’s Day: The Yellow Cake That Exposed My Ex Boyfriend’s Infidelity
Valentine’s Day: The Yellow Cake That Exposed My Ex Boyfriend’s Infidelity
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Every day means Valentine’s day for me. I make it a point to constantly show love to those around me.

In 2015, I was dating my boyfriend Adrian, a handsome and lovely guy that every woman desires. We were happy until he started exhibiting signs of cheating. He introduced a lady to me as a business partner and I wasn’t pleased.

On Val’s day, Adrian surprised me with a beautiful yellow cake. I immediately fell in love with it. That was my first Val’s gift in life. I was amazed he thought of me to that extent as I wasn’t expecting anything from him or anyone. As I said, I don’t scream about Valentine’s day.

I decided to post the picture of the cake on Instagram. With excitement, I loaded the picture with the caption, “Bae surprised me and am so excited to have this beautiful cake from him. Love you bae. Kiss kiss kiss…”.

Two hours later, Adrain called and with a harsh voice. He asked if I posted a picture of the cake on Instagram. I responded in the affirmative. He pleaded that I delete it. I bluntly said no. He pleaded with sequential calls but I resisted.

My sister later called that I check comments on the Instagram post. The so-called business partner of Adrian commented under the post asking where I got the cake from. She claimed to have customized it for Adrian.
I replied, oh then he fooled you with the smile emoji. You guys acted as business partners. He fooled you. You see he brought me your cake…hahahahha!

That evening was the end of our relationship. I would rather be single than date a cheating guy. It is too much work and stress. I deserve respect and an honest person who knows that relationship is an investment that involves time, money, energy, and emotions. If he masters the act of cheating now, he will continue if we marry.

I advised myself and has never regretted it.

Christiana Mensah


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