Some members of the Veterans Association of Ghana (VAG) on Monday, 4 June 2018, stormed the office of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to demand immediate payment of their outstanding pension.

It is the second such action in a space of two months. The disgruntled ex-servicemen massed up in from to the same office in April for the same purpose.

In April, the department blamed the delay in payment on a computer malfunction, which deleted names of the ex-servicemen from the payroll and assured them to resolve the matter.

However, two months down the line, some of the affected members are still facing the same challenge.

An aggrieved veteran who spoke to Class News said authorities have promised to resolve the matter and pay them their due in June.

He explained that: “The last time authorities at the controller met us was 17 April. Our pay didn’t come, we came here and they told us the system has deleted our names, so, they will restore it but they didn’t, so, we came back in April-ending, they said they had prepared supplementary budget and they will add our names but we still didn’t get out money.

“We went there again and they said the system did not recognise our pension numbers, and, so, they’ll work on us for us to be paid in May. In May, too, we didn’t receive our money but now we’ve seen the director who took the list of those affected and has promised that we’ll get paid in June.”

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