The gift of a new year is thrilling. Pondering the numerous expectations and opportunities ahead and another chance to live calls for celebration. It’s only reasonable to yearn for a blissful, peaceful, and a successful year. But sometimes, it’s not the case that the years grant our wishes and we become deranged. Honestly, the year’s blank. We only reap what we sew yearly; the good, bad and the ugly.













The years aren’t getting better as we’ve failed many New Year resolutions to the point of giving up on resolution. Starting a new year with only wishes and resolutions without a realistic plan is injurious. For instance, if you want a job, redo your resume, identify real companies, network, connect and volunteer at events. To purchase a car, plan your budget and start saving daily. Cut down on purchasing and consumption.

A New Year resolution with the old mindset is anti-progress statement. Have concrete plans, focus with hard work until it materializes.

A new year comes with another life. In reality, life doesn’t guarantee continues happiness for 365 days a year.  The only way to be happy is to change your mind about what life is and face the realities of it. The year will not bring you just happiness; it will bring every thing along including the bad and the ugly. Sometimes, we choose the bad and blame it on life.

The reality ahead is to be mentally and psychologically prepared for the coming year.

Life is a daily fight and fighting back determines a meaningful life. The most important thing that eludes us all is how we respond to negative events in life. Staying happy is a choice even in the mist of adversary; what may go wrong can go wrong especially those out of our control and how we respond is critical. Negative events with a negative solution cannot achieve a positive result. Growth can only be accomplished in the light of optimism.

Plan your life, goals and with a step a day to achieve them. Keep positive people in your circle and set standards of how you’re treated. You’re only mistaken to think the year will be the best ever when you put in nothing. Whatever you plant in the year determines if it will be your best year ever.  The exciting thing is that, the year is here, take it, mold it and shape it to your taste to make it the best year ever.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” – Jack Ma

Make this year your best year ever and make sure it’s your sunshine.

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