2020: Fulani bubble ponytail hairstyle trends globally
2020: Fulani bubble ponytail hairstyle trends globally
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The Fula, Fulani, or Fulɓe tribe or people are one of the largest ethnic groups in the Sahel and West Africa and also in South SudanSudan, and regions near the Red Sea coast.

With many of Africa’s rich hair traditions and culture, one of the most common braids globally is the Fulani braid. Hair is adorned and seen as feminist and a symbol of fertility.

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Fulani women plait their hair into different unique styles and decorate the braids with beads, silver coins, jewelry, and cowrie shells. 

The new Fulani hairstyle taking the global stage is the bubble ponytail. Some also call it puffball, Mini puffs, pony puffs, poodle puffs or bubble braid. The bubble ponytail is a simple style, easy to do and effortless. It is a style one can easily do in the comfort of her bedroom. 

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Mzvee in a beautiful Fulani Hairstyle

Braid extensions can be added to the hair to add volume. Thread is used to tie the hair in-between to create a chain bubbly or chain balls. 

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